north bay | ontario | est. 2012

The Raven and Republic is more than just a local bar and restaurant.

It’s a second home, an East Coast-style kitchen party offering good food and inventive libations equally suited to kings and commoners, where an aged whiskey poured neat is served with as much respect as a tallboy of Labatt 50.

It’s a place that feels timeless and full of character, where relationships are forged and friendships strengthened, where face-to-face communication is the norm and technology takes a back seat. We’re a place that encourages putting smartphones away because the most exciting thing in the world aren’t pixels--but people.

The Raven and Republic is a living art gallery, a stage for music filed under the heading “Canadian, fiercely independent,” and a pit for sing-alongs and barbaric yawps as concertgoers let go and unleash.

It’s a feeling that even among strangers, you’re in the company of friends and family. It’s a place that does not judge for difference, but loves for exceptionalities, and offers an embrace and tough love to all those who walk in the door. It’s a place for everybody and, one hopes, offers something unique to everyone who visits.

The Raven and Republic: it’s the people’s bar.

images by Atheos Photography (