It all started with a pint of beer…

our craft beer philosophy

At the Raven & Republic, we are dedicated to bringing you the best that the Ontario craft beer scene has to offer. We offer a varied tap lineup that moves with the seasons and trends, alongside some trusty constants that our patrons have come to know and love. Come and have a pint with us, we've got something for everyone!

Our taps are constantly rotating- pay us a visit and explore what we have on draft. (We offer beer flights for those looking to sample and explore our line up)


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craft cocktails anyone?

Just as we are passionate of all things craft beer, we’ve extended that philosophy to our cocktail menu. We’re inspired by seasonal offerings, and always lean towards the experimental. Our ideology can be summed up by ‘classics with a twist’. Our cocktails embrace the old school, the tried and true, and the familiar that hearken back to the days of prohibition style concoctions made with excellent liquors and bitters to boot! Every Saturday evening we celebrate the end of our work week with Elixir- where we shake and stir things up with a limited time mini-menu. Its the perfect excuse to try something different.



Rose G&T (light + vivacious) 

gin / rose water / grenadine / tonic

a lifetime of dreamy, otherworldly romance in one single, perfect cocktail

El Nino (kind of tastes like you’re on vacation)

rum(s) / Campari / pineapple / lime / mint

you’re either the kind of person who ordered this because of the multiple rums or because of the mint sprig

Northern Old Fashion #2 (stiff + robust)

black tea-infused bourbon / Sortilege / walnut bitters / angostura / orange oils

the only reprieve from a day hiking in the woods

Fox in the Fog (sturdy + aromatic) 

peach and pecan liquor / cedar smoke / bourbon / chai bitters

a sensory experience -- taste it to understand it

Lavender hound (citrus + floral)

gin / lavender salt / tonic / grapefruit

it’s said that both lavender and gin have calming effects…

Necromancer (rich + anise) 

absinthe / orange / coconut / lemon juice / matcha pistachio

enough to raise the dead and enough to quiet the demons

After Dark (full bodied + lively)

coffee bean-infused rum / Galliano / guava / tiki bitters / cinnamon

‘fun and fruity’ has taken on an all-new meaning

Aflatoon Fashioned (unexpected + exotic)

rye / garam masala syrup / curry bitters / lime oil

discover a world beyond your own with this spicy offering

6oz 9oz Bottle


Lindeman’s Shiraz Cab 8 10 30

// blackberry + spicy oak, medium-bodied with dark berry fruit flavours and soft tannins

Trivento Malbec 10 12 35

// ripe red fruits + berries, full bodied

Gabbiano Chianti 10 12 35

// woody + spicy, dry, medium-bodied

Wolf Blass Cabernet 12 14 35

// plum + blackberry, full-bodied with dark plum & black currant

JP Chenet Pinot Noir n/a n/a 35

// dry; bouquet of cherry & red berries with an elegant & complex palate

Rigamorale BC VQA n/a n/a 35

// full bodied, fabulous mix of merlot, cab & shiraz – forget those ridiculous descriptors 

Beringer Bourbon Barrel n/a n/a 40

// dark chocolate + hazelnut, bold; flavours of vanilla & caramel

19 Crimes Shiraz Duriff n/a n/a 40

// raspberry + vanilla, full-bodied; dry with dark cherry & plum

6oz 9oz Bottle

Lindeman’s Chardonnay 8 10 30

// crisp citrus + stonefruit; medium-bodied with fresh, crisp finish

Gabbiano Pinot Grigio 10 12 35

// floral + ripened grapes; dry with notes of fresh citrus, apple & tropical fruit

Matua Sauv Blanc 12 14 40

// tropical fruits, medium bodied; aromatic and layered with lemon & grapefruit flavours 

Beringer White Zinfandel n/a n/a 30

// blushing melon + citrus, a summery delight

200ml -- Bottle

Mionetto Prosecco 11 35

// red apple + peach, dry; light crisp with refreshing flavors of honey & white peach

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