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est. 2012

About the Raven

When Raven and Republic co-founders Scott Daley and Nicole Parker met for a drink in a dimly-lit East Coast bar some years back, they lamented that some of their favourite beers from around the country weren’t available back home. Moreover, in an era of sports bars and franchises filled with wall-to-wall televisions and gaudy wares, there wasn’t a place to relax and unwind, either. So the two hatched a plan.

The mission the two set upon was creating a true shrine to craft beers from around Canada, focusing not only on depth and complexity of taste but the stories behind the beers themselves and the way in which breweries contributed to the fabric and traditions of towns and villages all across the country. They would serve food too: the gastropub would offer exciting dishes, delighting palates with upscale comfort food made to indulge and enjoy. The pub would be comfortable and homey and feature live music from touring indie artists. It would be called The Raven and Republic.

Drink Specials

02 Tuesday

Sleeping Giant

$5 Pints

03 Wednesday

Lindeman's Merlot or Chardonnay

$5 6oz Glass

04 Thursday

Sleeping Giant

$5 Pints

05 Friday

1.5oz Martinis


06 Saturday

Elixir Lounge 7-9pm


06 Saturday

House Party (10pm - Close)

$4 Bar Rail

Happy Times Monday to Friday Open - 6pm $5 pints

Raven and Republic


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